Instructions to Make a Pukeko Hat

To make the hat you will need: one sheet 50cm square paper (blue), one sheet 25cm square paper (red), a pair of eyes drawn on white paper, and tape or glue:


Take the blue paper wrong-side up, and fold in half along the diagonal.


Fold each flap down to the first fold.


When both flaps are folded, your hat should look like this.


Unfold both flaps.


Fold one corner across to the end of the crease.


Do the same for the opposite corner.


Fold both top flaps down.


Unfold the top flap only.


Tuck this top flap inside the pocket as shown.


Your hat should now look like this.


Pop your hand inside the hat and open it out along the central line. Flatten - you should see a blue beak shape.


You should now have a basic blue hat. Now, take your red paper wrong-side up and fold in half along the diagonal.


Open the paper and fold one edge to the centre line.


Do the same with the opposite edge.


Fold the top flap over (to make a crease).


Open the paper up, and fold the top flap down along the crease.


Fold in the edges again.


Fold in half lengthwise.


Open again, and fold one corner to the centre-line.


Do the same on the other side.


Fold lengthwise to complete the beak.


Glue or tape the beak into place on the basic hat.


The hat should now look like this.


Glue eyes on your hat.


Your finished hat should look something like this.