Excerpt from 'Battle of the Birds'

Clinging desperately to the eagle, Annie is terrified. Broad wings extend from beneath her on either side. This can’t be happening! Hills do not fly off into the sky. Annie shakes her head, squeezes her eyes shut and then opens them again quickly. The ground is still dropping away – fast! A gust of wind hits Annie sharply from behind. She cries out and grips hard to the eagle with her knees to prevent herself from falling.
Hang on, Annie!
The big eagle seems to sense her fear; it ruffles its giant feathers, surrounding Annie with downy softness. Some of the larger flight feathers bristle upwards. Partly by instinct, Annie grasps hold of two. With a start, she notices they’re not stiff at all, but firm and flexible in her hands. She ties the feathers firmly over her hips like fitted airline seatbelts. Already feeling safer, she takes up another pair as if they were reins. The bird seems not to mind at all. Perhaps Annie is meant to do this? All she needs now is a flight attendant with some hot chocolate! 
For a second, Annie feels exhilarated. She is riding a powerful bird of prey. This is definitely better than any roller coaster. Annie Thomas, Eagle Tamer! The feeling doesn’t last long though. Mum will be frantic. Annie is feeling frantic herself. She has no idea where the bird is taking her. She looks back. Behind her, the library resembles the tatty shoebox she keeps her rock collection in. Annie watches helplessly as the brilliant blue of Lake Mendota shrinks to a pond, and then a puddle, and eventually disappears.